hameln pharma donates medicines worth 100,000 euros to Ukraine

Hameln, June 2022

In order to support the medical care of the people in Ukraine, the Hameln-based company has sent around 33,000 packs of medicines for intensive care and emergency medicine.

“In times when war is being waged again in Europe, our thoughts are with the people affected. We are deeply shocked to see the suffering that has been inflicted on the people in Ukraine for months now, and we condemn the invasion of the country in the strongest possible terms,” company owner Christoph Kerstein and managing directors Beate Küter and Christian Kanzelmeyer have stated.

As a result of the war, the need for highly effective painkillers and medicines required for surgeries has increased enormously. As a pharmaceutical company specialising in the supply of injection and infusion medicines for intensive care and emergency medicine, hameln pharma has a product portfolio which is currently needed more than ever in this area.

Therefore, we have decided to support the people in Ukraine with a donation of about 33,000 packs (which corresponds to about 300,000 doses). Before the urgently needed medicines could be delivered to the affected regions, there were many hurdles to overcome. Since most of the products are highly effective painkillers, so-called opioid analgesics, which are subject to Narcotics Laws, the export was associated with numerous formalities. In addition, it had to be ensured that these narcotics got to the correct hands. After all, these drugs can only save lives if they are used correctly.

Due to the high requirements for the delivery of narcotics, all humanitarian aid organisations had refused transport to the embattled areas.

In order to still be able to send an aid shipment with these essential medicines to the war zones, contact was established with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health via the Federal Ministry of Health.

On 2nd May, the time had finally come: the hameln pharma medicines were collected from the warehouses of the wholesalers in Goslar and in Bielefeld. The willingness to help the people in the Ukraine was also very great there: both partners contributed to the donation and completely covered the costs for handling and packaging.

After the aid delivery had passed German customs on 3rd May, it went via Slovakia to the Ukrainian border. From here, a staff member of the Ukrainian health department organised the onward transport, so that the 33,000 packages of medicines could be delivered to hospitals and military stations on 4th May, where they were already urgently awaited.

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