Our Corporate Mission Statement

As a company supplying essential medicines to healthcare professionals and thus patients all over the world, we are very aware of the responsibility we have and also about the opportunity to make a positive difference to people’s lives. This is reflected in our Vision and Mission:

The hameln pharma Vision

hameln pharma brings opportunities to life for patients, partners and colleagues.
We believe the true value of our life-saving medicines should be measured in much more than numbers.

The hameln pharma Mission

As a European family-owned company, hameln pharma is committed to the reliable and safe supply of life-saving medicines worldwide. We focus on the quality of our products and our work to build and grow sustainable relationships based upon trust.
With our highly motivated team, inspired by our vision and values, we are passionate about making a real difference to people’s lives today and in the future, because everything we do is driven by the understanding that we are all patients.


In order to serve patients in the best possible way, we continuously react to different market needs, customer requirements and healthcare developments. Regardless of borders and regions, what counts for us are binding values ​​and ethical principles embodied in our Corporate Values:

Patient Focus, Dedication, Responsibility, Integrity and Openness.

Our values define the way we want to be treated and treat each other every day and are rooted in our hearts and minds. They are an integral part of our corporate philosophy, a binding basis for action and at the same time form principles that are actively lived by everyone in the company: