Making medicines as safe as possible

All people are different. They sometimes show different biological reactions to medicinal products. For this reason, not all adverse reactions and undesirable effects from the use of medicines will be recognized during the clinical trial phase.

New knowledge about medicines can therefore arise long after their first approval. Developments in medical science also make it necessary to have a continual overview of medicines and their benefits as well as undesirable effects and interactions associated with their use.

Pharmacovigilance is the way we record and evaluate new findings with the use of our medicines. It makes an important contribution to the understanding and prevention of adverse effects or any other medication related problems. Pharmacovigilance supports the quality and safety of the medication process and is of the greatest importance to patients, healthcare professionals and to ourselves.

Patient safety always comes first

An important element of pharmacovigilance is the reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) to medicines authorities. If you suspect an undesirable effect with one of our medicines, please contact us immediately! You can reach us at any time using our 24 hour pharmacovigilance direct line.



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