Change in the management of hameln pharma gmbh

As part of a planned succession arrangement, hameln pharma has appointed Ms Beate Küter as Managing Director with effect from 1.3.2022. Until the end of the year she will manage the business together with the long-standing Managing Director Christian Kanzelmeyer.

After more than thirteen years, during which hameln pharma gmbh has very successfully developed into an international group of companies under his management, Christian Kanzelmeyer will be taking his well-deserved retirement at the end of 2022.

To ensure continuity in the management of the entire hameln pharma business, Ms Küter and Mr Kanzelmeyer will perform the CEO and Managing Director functions together for the next 10 months. Thus, all responsibilities can be successively handed over and the transition between the old and new management can be carried out in responsible steps.

In Ms Küter, we have been able to recruit a highly qualified successor who has many years of experience in leading positions in the pharmaceutical industry, including at Rhône-Poulenc-Rorer GmbH, Dolorgiet GmbH & Co. KG and Riemser Pharma GmbH.

We are very much looking forward to working with her in the future – not only because of her outstanding professional qualifications, but also because we are convinced that she will further advance the dynamic and customer-oriented development of our company.